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Design Research: Methods and Perspectives
edited by Brenda Laurel Available from MIT Press
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Preface - The Design Cluster by Peter Lenefeld

Introduction - Living Higher on the Food Chain by Brenda Laurel

Understanding People

The Changing Role of Research by Christopher Ireland
From Boring to Brilliant - An Overview of Qualitative Methods by Christopher Ireland
Anthropology and Design by Tim Plowman
The Paradox of Design Research: The Role of Informance by Bonnie McDaniel Johnson
Designing for the New Old: Asking, Observing, and Performing Future Elders by Eric Dishman
Brief: Performance Ethnography and Design Improvisation by Brenda Laurel
Hispanic Culture in Design Research: More than Language by Carlos Santos
Overview of Quantitative Methods in Design Research by Stacey Purpura
User Requirements: By Any Means Necessary by Abbe Don & Jeff Petrick

Understanding Form

Sensory Anomalies by Michael Naimark
How to Walk Without Watching Your Step: Spontaneous Cinema as Design Practice by Rachel Strickland
Toward a Definition of the Decorational
by Denise Gonzales Crisp
Strategy, Tactics, and Heuristics for Research: A Structuralist Approach by Rob Tow
Game Form for New Outcomes by Emma Westecott

Understanding Process

What's So Fuzzy? by Darrel Rhea
Research Methods for Designing Effective Experiences by Nathan Shedroff
Enabling Design by Sean Donahue
Brief: Non-Assumptive Research by Dorothy Deasy
Play as Research: The Iterative Design Process by Eric Zimmerman
Interdisciplinary Design Research by Patrick Svensson
Conceptual Designs: The fastest way to capture and share your idea by BJ Fogg
Moving Your Idea Through Your Organization: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder by Christoph Loch
Ongoing Learning by Lisa Grocott
Innerview by Tracy Moon
Research for Breakthrough Ideas by David Canaan

Design Research and Action

Social Impact by Design: Tailoring Gameplay for the Play Styles of At-Risk Players by Darion Rapoza
"You Can't Bring That Game To School!": Designing Games to Teach - by Henry Jenkins, Kurt Squire, and Philip Tan
Researching America's Army By Margaret Davis, Russell Shilling, Alex Mayberry, Jesse McCree, Phillip Bossant, Scott Dossett, Christian Buhl, Christopher Chang, Evan Champlin, Travis Wiglesworth, and Michael Zyda
The Research and Design of Online Events in Avatar Cyberspace: A Virtual Walk on the Moon by Bruce Damer
Research and the Movies by Buffy Shutt
MOBIUM: the Mobile Museum Information System By Jin Hyun Park (Peter Lunenfeld, advising)
Research and Design for Kids by Jan Craige Singer
Real Brand Alignment by Davis Masten

Conclusion - by Brenda Laurel